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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot

27 April 2023 - Couples

Your engagement shoot will be the perfect time for us to get to know each other, and to get comfortable working together. After all, we’ll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day!
I offer a free engagement shoot with every wedding booking as it gives me a chance to catch up on all my couple’s wedding plans, while exploring all the beautiful places Northern Ireland has to offer!
It’ll also be good to get professional photos of the two of you, without being clad in your wedding attire!


You can pick somewhere that’s important to the two of you, or you could explore somewhere you’ve never been – it’s up to you! There are so many beautiful places around Northern Ireland, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!
I always recommend going to more than one location, if possible, as it adds a lot of variety to your images. Sarah and Jordan’s engagement shoot was around Queens and Botanic Gardens, and we decided to head into the Belfast city centre to get some shots around the Duke of York – it was so worth it!


I always recommend going around sunrise or sunset so you make the most of the golden hour. This will give you the best light and will add real drama to your photos.

What to Wear

Wear something that you’re comfortable in and something that compliments your partner. Personally, I think it’s best when couples wear soft colours, rather than very bright clothing – you don’t want your clothes to distract from each other!

Have Fun!

It may be your first experience of being in front of the camera, but you have nothing to be nervous about! It may feel a bit strange to start off with, but we’ll have lots of fun exploring and getting to know each other along the way. The time will fly by and you’ll get some quality time together while also getting some beautiful photos.

Check out what Ashlene said about her photoshoot:

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. Christine made us feel so comfortable and the whole experience was really fun. We had such a good time! The views from the Mournes were spectacular that evening and the pictures are magical!

If you’re interested in booking an adventure session, just get in touch below!